BMW PowerPak & PowerPak+ Piston Kits

MAHLE Motorsport's PowerPak and PowerPak+ piston kits offer superior reliability and performance, letting you take your BMW engine build to the next level. Offering a full line of BMW piston sets in 2618, 4032, and M142 alloy. From N54, S54, to Mini Cooper MAHLE offers a complete line of piston sets include pins. clips, and rings that are designed for motorsport applications or those looking to enhance the performance of their daily driver. New for this year is the B58 3.0L featured in the 2020 Toyota Supra. Backed by over 95 years of performance experience and using MAHLE manufactured machinery to offer advanced features found nowhere else; make no compromises, trust MAHLE Motorsport.

Shelf stock availability in the following configurations:

Mini Cooper S Prince 1.6L (2007+) [PDF; 3253 KB]

M54 B30 3.0L E46 (0.005" oversize) [PDF; 3474 KB]

N54 B30 3.0L [PDF; 281 KB]

S52 B32 3.2L E36 M3 [PDF; 4568 KB]

B58 3.0L (2020 Toyota Supra) [PDF; 2676 KB]

S54 B32 3.2L E46 M3 [PDF; 281 KB]

S55 3.0L F80, M3, M4 [PDF; 2815 KB]

S65 B40 4.0L [PDF; 4007 KB]

S85 B50 5.0L (V10) [PDF; 2721 KB]

Custom Piston Program

Advanced Features

Slipper Skirt Style Forgings: strong, lightweight, low drag forging superior to the traditional full round design.

Phosphate Coating: helps prevent microwelding in the ring grooves and pin galling.

GrafalĀ® Anti-Friction Skirt Coating: reduces drag, scuffing, friction, cylinder bore wear, and reduces piston noise.

Hard Anodized Top Ring Grooves (PowerPak+ Piston Kits): extra protection against ring groove microwelding for extreme duty applications.

4032 or 2618 Aluminum Alloy: whether building a street engine or an all out race engine, both 4032 and 2618 alloys are available depending on the application.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm