MAHLE Motorsport Custom Piston Set Design Program

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MAHLE Motorsport is well known for our shelfstock PowerPak program, and working with professional race teams. Motorsport offers a custom piston program in which a concept becomes reality. The program allows for selection of alloys in 2618, 4032, M124, and M142P. Custom pistons are also available in billet. From a custom LS piston set to Diesel pistons - design options also include numerous features, selections of coatings, and rings specific with the piston application.

Concept To Reality

Work One On One With Our Motorsport Design Engineering Team To Create The Piston Set That Will Give You The Ultimate Advantage

Gold Series Coating With An Anodized Top Ring Groove
The MAHLE Motorsport Custom Program allows the customer to work one on one with our design engineering team. After the initial discussion the customer will fill out a Data Sheet which will be used to create the initial drawing. Once the Data Sheet information is checked and confirmed with the customer the custom piston set price is verified. The pistons are manufactured in the Motorsport division and held to the highest standards in the industry with all the technological advancements that MAHLE has developed over the last 100 years.
Big Block Chevy Custom Piston With Thermal Barrier Coating
A variety of coatings are available from MAHLE Motorsport. GRAFALĀ® offers a unique cushioning property that absorbs harsh contact between the piston skirt and the cylinder bore. Phosphate coating provides a grey appearance to the piston. This dry lubricant provides a film in the pin bores and ring grooves until the oiling system of the engines reaches operating temperature. Thermal Barrier Coating is our new ceramic coating that is applied to the piston crown. Durable and resistant to thermal shock it insulates the crown and reduces heat transfer to increase performance.

Coatings That Perform

Custom Piston Ordering

Download the MAHLE Motorsport Custom Piston Data Sheet to initiate the piston ordering process. Please complete this form as fully as possible and return it to the email address shown below. If there are sections of data that you are unsure of, leave it blank for now. MAHLE Motorsport has an extensive catalog of piston rings, pins, and clips to choose from to make the custom piston process even simpler. Once received, a MAHLE Motorsport application engineer will be in contact with you to finalize the custom piston data sheet, provide a quote and estimated lead time.Custom Data Sheet Download [XLS; 101 KB]

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