MAHLE Management Board

Michael Frick

Chairman of the Management Board (ad interim) / Member of the Management Board Finance

  • Finance, Controlling, Taxes
  • IT Services
  • Insurances, Revision and Risk Management
  • Mergers & Acquisitions Coordination
  • Research and Advanced Engineering
  • Corporate Planning
  • Legal
  • External Affairs
  • Engineering Services, Motorsports, and Special Applications profit center
  • Automotive Sales and Application Engineering
  • Aftermarket business unit

Jumana Al-Sibai

  • Thermal Management business unit
  • Industrial Thermal Management and Control Units profit centers

Georg Dietz

  • Engine Systems and Components business unit
  • Large and Small Engine Components profit center
  • Environmental Management/Safety at Work for the group
  • Corporate Quality Management

Wilhelm Emperhoff

  • Electronics and Mechatronics business unit

Anke Felder

  • Corporate Executive Vice President Human Resources
  • Corporate Communications

Martin Weidlich

  • Filtration and Engine Peripherals business unit
  • Corporate MAHLE Production System
  • Corporate Purchasing