General guidelines and documents for suppliers

The quality of our products is directly affected by the quality of our suppliers’ products. Increasing customer requirements and highly dynamic global markets demand a high degree of responsiveness, flexibility, and global orientation from us and our suppliers.

The continuous improvement of products and processes, as well as the sustained assurance of quality and costs, affect our entire procurement network, in which each supplier plays an important role.

These guidelines are binding for all suppliers and apply to all deliveries. They serve to outline our expectations as well as the requirements, prerequisites, and methods necessary to achieve our common objectives. Furthermore, examples of successful implementation are also provided.

Additional guidelines may apply at the regional or plant level.

MAHLE Supplier Code of Conduct

English [PDF; 19 KB]
German [PDF; 19 KB]


General Supplier Guideline

Last revised: May 2018 [PDF; 1285 KB]

You will find the MAHLE supplier code of conduct below Compliance

Supplier information

MDS verification in IMDS [PDF; 185 KB]

MAHLE Industrial Thermal Systems


MAHLE Letrika

MAHLE Filtersystems

Purchased Parts - Product Approval Handbook

[PDF; 1066 KB]

Supplier Change Request Notice

[XLSX; 42 KB]

Supplier Change Request Notice - North America

[XLSX; 45 KB]

Supplier Change Request Notice

[XLSX; 42 KB]

Logistics guideline of MAHLE Filtersysteme GmbH and its European subsidiaries

Last revised: April 2018 [PDF; 7 MB]

Logistics guideline MAHLE Behr worldwide

[PDF; 230 KB]

[PDF; 141 KB]

[Last revised: July 2017; PDF; 223 KB]

[Last revised: July 2017; PDF; 303 KB]

[Last revised: July 2017; PDF; 309 KB]

Supplier quality management handbook MAHLE Behr worldwide

Last revised: March 2015 [PDF; 296 KB]


[PDF; 845 KB]


order form [XLSX; 37 KB]

CHEP Container pool

Information [PDF; 850 KB]

Logistics Guideline Europe

[PDF; 625 KB]

Packaging Guideline Europe

[PDF; 963 KB]

Shipping Instruction Europe

[PDF; 150 KB]

Supplier Manual

[PDF; 698 KB]

Supplier Manual Slovenian Version

[PDF; 1004 KB]

Customer Specific Requirements (CSR)

[PDF; 559 KB]

Packaging Instructions

[PDF; 2307 KB]

Implementation guideline GLOBAL TRANSPORT LABEL (GTL)

Last revised: July 2017 [PDF; 751 KB]