Electric Drives and Applications profit center 1

In September 2014, MAHLE acquired the Slovenian company Letrika. As the Electric Drives and Apllications profit center 1, it has since then enhanced the mechatronics expertise of the MAHLE Group. In conjunction with MAHLE’s engine know-how, the opportunity is now given to develop innovative components for efficient drive concepts for automobile manufacturers. The focus is mainly on electrical auxiliary components, such as those used in hybrid vehicles. Since such components are not mechanically connected to the combustion engine, they operate at a very high rate of efficiency—and only when they are actually needed. Hence, the new member of the MAHLE family will be contributing to meeting the ever more stringent CO2- thresholds in future. In addition, electric traction motors for small road vehicles and industrial applications are being developed and produced. MAHLE has thus become an important supplier of electric drive motors.

The products

  • Electric motors and complete electric drive systems