Electric actuators

Electric wastegate actuator (EWG)

The electric wastegate actuator from MAHLE ensures the best possible interaction between the combustion engine and turbocharger, especially in downsizing engines. This novel technology allows very high actuation speeds and very precise boost pressure regulation.

The electrical actuator can reach any desired wastegate position in a flash, regardless of the negative or positive system pressure. Its high clamping force ensures minimal leakage and consequently rapid boost pressure build-up. The result is very spontaneous responsiveness. Another advantage of the electrical actuator is the ability to open the wastegate completely. This allows the catalytic converter to light off quickly, thereby reducing exhaust gas emissions and fuel consumption, which is crucial to customers.

Actuators for turbocharger with variable turbine geometry (VTG)

MAHLE electric actuators for turbochargers with variable turbine geometry (VTG) optimally adjust the incident flow from the turbine for current operating conditions, ensuring high performance, low emissions, and low fuel consumption.

MAHLE has specifically designed these electric actuators to meet the requirements of modern combustion engines: The models for VTG applications are therefore extremely compact and lightweight, weighing in at less than 250 g. They also allow for maximum flexibility in vehicle applications thanks to a generous adjustment angle of up to 130° and an application temperature range of −40°C to +160°C as standard.

The actuators are dust-proof and protected against water ingress during high pressure or vapor cleaning of the engine compartment, for example. The actuator is driven by a DC motor with a three-stage transmission. Position feedback is provided via a contactless Hall sensor system with digital or analog output and control via the engine ECU.

Actuators for variable turbine geometry (VTG)
Actuators for variable turbine geometry (VTG)