Railroad vehicles

Roof cooling unit

Perfect cooling—perfect performance

Whether electrical or diesel-powered, MAHLE Industrial Thermal Systems has been supplying optimal cooling systems for railroad vehicles for over 70 years. In locomotives, our units are installed in the roof, the engine compartment, or the front end. For rail coaches and high-speed trains, we supply solutions for installation in the roof or under the floor, as well as side cooling systems for integration in the superstructure.

Our products range from cooling towers to front, side, roof, and underfloor cooling systems as well as hydrostatic drives.

We develop and build engine and transmission cooling systems for diesel-hydraulic vehicles, and engine and inverter cooling systems for diesel-electric railroad vehicles.

Wherever electric energy powers railroad vehicles, heat arising from electrical power loss must be dissipated. We provide efficient cooling systems for transformers, converters, traction motors, and electronics.