Buses and special chassis

Cooling unit for city buses

A cool head under high stress

Buses are used in the freezing cold transit routes in icy northern Europe and America, and in the tropical heat of Africa. These are most stringent demands faced by cooling and air conditioning systems in order to guarantee the performance of engines, transmissions, and electronics and to ensure pleasant temperatures for bus drivers and passengers. The right atmosphere is thus essential. We develop cooling systems based on proven and innovative cooling concepts that support the performance of diesel, natural gas, and hybrid powertrains. One critical aspect with regard to safety is the ever larger windshields used on buses, which require a correspondingly high level of airflow to keep them free of ice and fog.

We use aluminum throughout many of our components in order to provide a satisfactory answer to the important question of weight reduction and lower energy consumption. We cover the entire range of services, from planning, to development and production, to comprehensive systems integration. Furthermore, we develop individual systems for every brand, every model, and every engine. We produce charge air coolers and water coolers that can be expanded to include oil coolers, fan covers, or fans, depending on the customer’s requirements.

  • Coolants/air coolers
  • Charge air coolers
  • Exhaust gas heat exchangers
  • Fuel coolers
  • Oil coolers
  • Fans
  • Condensers
  • Evaporators
  • Heating appliances