MAHLE Powertrain to provide revolutionary Catagen catalyst aging and testing equipment in NA

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich., Jan. 29, 2014 – MAHLE Powertrain, LLC has partnered with Catagen to house the first Maxcat machine in their Farmington Hills location.

Maxcat is the new fuel efficiency leader in catalyst testing. MAHLE Powertrain and Catagen, the developer of the Maxcat, unveiled the Maxcat machine at the 2013 North American Auto Testing Exposition held in Novi, Mich. this past October.

The Maxcat can artificially, accurately and with high efficiency recreate engine exhaust gas composition, flow rates and temperatures to provide safe, repeatable full-sized, full-flow testing and aging capability that replicates an engine dynamometer-based test. The Maxcat is currently in Northern Ireland, where correlation testing is being conducted before being transported to MAHLE Powertrain in Farmington Hills early 2014.

Maxcat’s dynamic catalyst aging and testing delivers gas flow rates up to 200g/sec and temperatures of more than 1100 degrees centigrade. The Maxcat can perform all published aging procedures.

“The partnership between MAHLE Powertrain LLC and Catagen will help further accelerate introduction into the US market, as well as the adoption of this breakthrough technology” said Dr. Andrew Woods, CEO of Cat-agen.

“We are very pleased to be able to work with Catagen to be the first to bring this unique catalyst aging solution to the U.S. auto industry,” said Hugh Blaxill, General Manager, MAHLE Powertrain, LLC. “The Maxcat’s testing and aging solutions deliver significant reductions in operating costs with an increase in testing flexibility and agility.”

Catagen, headquartered in Belfast, Ireland, is the new world leader in catalyst testing. By investing in low emission technology, their core aim is to provide a genuine alternative to the current costly engine test process.

MAHLE Powertrain is the only integrated powertrain solutions supplier with complete capabilities in the total powertrain development, manufacturing and production supply chain.

MAHLE Powertrain is a subsidiary of the MAHLE Group. MAHLE is the globally leading manufacturer of components and systems for the internal combustion engine and its peripherals as well as vehicle air conditioning and engine cooling. In 2014, some 65,000 employees at 140 production locations and ten major research and development centers are expected to generate sales of around EUR 10 billion (USD 12.9 billion).

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