MAHLE Motorsports Engine Builder Profile - Cliff Moore of Jon Kaase Racing Engines

Cliff Moore – General Manager Jon Kaase Racing Engines

Based in Winder, Georgia, Jon Kaase Racing Engines is one of the most prestigious engine builders in the country. Specializing in big power Ford engines from small block, to big block to the legendary Boss 429 Ford shotgun engine – abbreviated to Boss 9 for Kaase use - they are a many time winner of the highly competitive Engine Master’s Challenge. We recently had a chance to connect with General Manager Cliff Moore for an honest look at his current racing experience with MAHLE Motorsports products.

“I’ve worked for Jon Kaase Racing Engines for 23 years. We build anywhere from 50 to 100 engines for customers per year, lately close to the high end of that window than the lower” said Cliff Moore. “We have about eight or nine guys, so there are plenty of long days spent putting our products together.”

“We offer three Ford engine cylinder heads; the Kaase P-38 (canted small block Windsor series engine), the P-51 Big Block (429-460 Wedge engine) and the very unique Boss 9 (semi-hemispherical big block engine) modeled after the original Ford Boss 429 Shotgun engine from ’69-70. The complete Boss 9 engine offered by Jon Kaase Racing Engines can be had in horsepower rating of 500 to 1000 horsepower, or the supercharged package that nets 1500 hp. Each of these applications features a custom design MAHLE Piston recommended by Jon Kaase Racing Engines. MAHLE actually keeps these pistons in stock so that when we get an order for an engine, we call and they are in-hand at Jon Kaase Racing Engines the very next day.

“We were first attracted to the MAHLE Pistons because of their high tech coatings. They were one of the first pistons so equipped. It was, and still is, a very good looking part, and we receive great performance and durability. We first used the pistons in the Southern All-Stars circuit that was similar to the Hooter Cup that was to follow. It was from that experience that we gained confidence in their quality and power building capability.

“Every time we work with MAHLE on new applications, we find their products are spot on – from piston dimensions, valve location, ring design, etc. Never an issue. We recently did a test with Car Craft Magazine where we were comparing the performance the Kaase P-51 engine and our Boss 9 engines. The short block stayed the same except for the MAHLE piston design. I worked with MAHLE closely on this. First we did a laminated piston that we can use for test fitment. From there they build us a set of test pistons and if all is in order, a production component.

“As mentioned, we recommended MAHLE Pistons in all of our engines. Working with MAHLE engineers Trey McFarland and John Goodwin has been an excellent experience.”