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New Applications From MAHLE Motorsport [PDF; 475 KB]

MAHLE Motorsport introduced 13 new applications at the 2019 SEMA Show. Download the PDF to see all that is NEW from MAHLE Motorsport.

Featured Product

Small Block Chevy 327 Powerpak Piston Kit

MAHLE Motorsport now offers a cost-effective way to modify any 327 Small Block Chevy engine for more power with the introduction of their new all-forged dome 327 SBC PowerPak Piston Kit. This shelf-stock piston kit provides everything needed to replace factory installed pistons in a 327cid SBC engine. The kit is complete with lightweight, low-friction pistons designed with a slipper skit forged dome design, 1.0, 1.0, 2.0mm HV385 coated steel rings, steel wrist pins and clips Developed from 4032 aluminum alloy for added durability, the pistons are dual coated with a dry lubricant Phosphate coating and then MAHLE’s GRAFAL® skirt coating to reduce drag, wear and noise. Three bore sizes are now available: 332 cubic inch with a 4.030 bore, 333 cubic inch with a 4.040 bore and 337 cubic inch with a 4.060 bore.

Volswagen Beetle Type I, II, III

MAHLE’s new PowerPak, 94mm air-cooled VW pistons are designed with your race application in mind. Designed to be paired with MAHLE 94mm air-cooled Volkswagen cylinders (sold separately).

Features include:

• Thick, slipper skirt style forging for maximum strength

• Maximized top and second ring lands

• Dual coated with phosphate and MAHLE's GRAFAL® skirt coating

• Nitrided Stainless Steel 1.2mm top ring, 1.2mm 2nd & 2.5mm oil ring set

• Precision CNC machined pin bores

• Heavy duty tool steel wrist pin

• Pistons can be notched for valve pockets or machined for a dish

For more information download the New Product Guide

Big Block Chevy 632 PowerPak Dome & Dish Pistons

New forged additions to the Big Block Chevy line-up to include pump-gas friendly compression for larger cubic inch motors. Features include 2618 alloy for increased high temperature strength and durability. Dual coated with phosphate and MAHLE's Grafal® skirt coating for reduced drag and wear. Available with an 18cc dish or 10cc dome depending on CR desired. Designed for the 632, but will also work in a short deck 565 or tall deck 598 with the proper stroke and rod combinations. PowerPak kits include pistons, pins, clips and rings in a ready to assemble package.

For more information download the New Product Guide

LS 5.3L PowerPak Plus Forged Piston Kits

The Dome Piston Kits are available with 1.0, 1.0, 2.0mm ring set included; HV385 steel top ring, steel napier 2nd ring, & standard tension oil rings. Dual Coated with Phosphate and GRAFAL® skirt coating for reduced drag and wear. It also features a hard anodized top ring groove with lateral gas ports. The pin has a 0.188" wall thickness. The piston has a unique 1.299" compression height, and is made of 2618 Alloy.

For more information download the New Product Guide

LS 5.3 DI Drop-In Forged Replacement - No Balancing & No Compression Ratio Change

For those looking to increase power in their direct injected LS 5.3L - look no further than MAHLE Motorsport's Drop In PowerPak Piston Set. Made of Forged 4032 Alloy, with a Bore of 3.780, Stroke 3.622" Rod Length 6.098" and a Compresion Height of 1.324". The piston's compression is 11.5 with a 57cc Head. Part Number 930229880

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